Constellation Set


Playmobil Set

40 Figures
Men, Women, Children
in diverse colors
€ 49,—
Order No. 2078

The figures from „Playmobil“ are a well-loved set of playfigures, that have long been present in the room of nearly every child. They are increasingly used for representing relationships spatially in therapeutic settings, counselling and consulting.

The experienced German counsellor Sieglinde Schneider worked together with the manufacturer to especially design and develop this well-tested figure set for therapeutic and counselling interventions. This set is equally suitable for constructing family constellations in individual therapy as it is for coaching and counselling, or for consulting teams and departments in an organization.

The forty figures (15 men, 15 women, 5 boys and 5 girls) are immediately distinguished from the well-known play figures by their outer form, color and size. Five distinct colors allow the representation of different family, team or other system relations. Differences in clothing and hair color are also possible to allow for further differentiation. Differences in size allow the representation of adults and children, as well as hierarchical levels within an organization or company. The figure set is light, and therefore can also be used for external counselling appointments, workshops and training.

Sieglinde Schneider has used the figure set for a long time with great success in individual therapy. The figures are well-accepted by clients because of their similarity to the human form. Working with this figure set comes closest to the intensity experienced in group constellations.