Constellation Set


Abstract Constellation Set

24 Figures
in handy case
2 different sizes (10 a. 8 cm)
2 different gender, 2 different colours
€ 79,—
Order No. 2079

Setting up a constellation of figures in individual counselling, coaching or therapy is a highly efficient method of gaining relevant information about a system ofrelationships in a suprisingly short period of time, as well as encouraging possibilities for change. The constellation makes it easier for clients and patients to take an outsider’s perspective, it gives clear indications of the reciprocal relations, dynamics and patterns of relationship within the system, and allows the anticipation of possible solutions. Even complex systems of relationships let themselves be superbly represented.

This extremely valuable constellation set is made of solid materials (Polystyrene), compact and comes in a handy case. All figures are intentionally abstract in form and come in neutral colors, so as to allow the entire focus to be directed to the relational system.They are also particularly good for setting up abstract elements, for example, in systemic structural constellations.

Just three characteristics distinguish the minimalistic figures from one another: the symbolism distinguishes between male and female figures, the size of the figures allows for the distinction between adults and children or, for example, hierarchical relations, and the colours can be used to indicate a team. The set consists of a total of twenty-four figures – sixteen large and eight small ones. Half of the figures are “female” and the other half “male.”

With this exclusive set, you have your therapeutic and counselling tools for visualizing relational systems in a practical and distinctive case, and are always mobile and prepared.

Designed by:

Regina Broszeit, Udo Neumann, in co-operation with PULS Design & Konstruktion, Büro für Produktgestaltung und –entwicklung, Darmstadt.